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Become a programmer with comprehensive, up-to-date online classes led by an expert. Study in your own time and at your own pace. Go back any time and rewatch the lessons, if needed.

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Every lesson comes with a set of hands-on exercises to practice your new skills and get instant results.

Personal Mentor

Studying something new can be challenging, especially at the beginning. Our dedicated instructors are available for 1-on-1 mentoring and support whenever you need help.

Real-World Projects

Work on real-life projects and build an impressive portfolio that will help you land your first IT job right away.

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Java is the best choice to start your iT career as a beginner

Java is one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world. It is very versatile as it is used for programming web, mobile, and desktop applications, games, and server backends.

There are many reasons to learn Java. Here are just a few:


JavaScript is the best choice to start a career as a web developer

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages.
It is used to make websites interactive and to build browser-based games and mobile apps for different operating systems.

There are many reasons to learn JavaScript. Here are just a few:

Step by step guided pathway for your iT career

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Basic Course

Learn the principles of programming – essential terms, basic coding logic, algorithmic thinking, and more.

Fundamental Modules

Build on the knowledge gained in the Basics course and start using more complex programming techniques.

Professional Modules

Get into the specifics of  Java or JavaScript languages with in-depth courses, practical exercises, and advanced projects.

Start Your Dream Job

Apply all the knowledge, technical and soft skills you’ve gained to real-life projects and keep building your career.

Why SoftUni?​

For many years we have been creating professionals for the IT field. We have perfected our educational model, but always keep up with the trends to make sure our programs are answering the needs of the business.

Proven Educational Model

Our unique model is focused on practice. We make sure our students understand the material in-depth and not only learn to program, but also develop their personal and teamwork skills.

Proven Track Record

We have over 15000 Programming alumni, many of whom work in international companies such as Amazon, Oracle, Google, Tesla, Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, VMWare, HP, Siemens, and many others.

Automated Evaluation

You will receive real-time feedback for your exercises, tests and exams with our interactive platform. Just submit your code, and it will immediately tell you whether it’s correct or not.

Big Community

Once you enter our program, you become part of a large international community of people who have the same goal – to learn to code. You will advance together, share code and ideas, and do group projects.

Career Assistance

It’s very important to us that our students become successful software engineers, so we give them additional career guidance and assistance. We can even recommend you to our partners.

Help from Mentors

Our mentors are available if you have any difficulties with the learning material or exercises. All you have to do is reach out to our Help Center or post your questions on SoftUni’s subreddit.

SoftUni was founded in 2013 with the mission to build a global organization that provides practical, quality, and accessible education in the area of digital and information technologies, creating real experts and future leaders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Java and JavaScript Developer Programs are each divided into three main parts – Basics Couse, Fundamentals Module, and Professional Module. They are all self-paced because we understand that every student’s learning process and circumstances are different. Still, the estimated period for completion of each program is about 7 months.

Yes. Both Java and JavaScript programs are designed by experts, with consideration of the needs of the market, and by the end of the Professional Module, you will be able to start a job as a junior developer.

No prior experience in programming is needed. The programs are built for beginners, and both start with the basics. If you have some knowledge of programming, that will be a plus.

Yes, after you pass a program successfully, you will receive a diploma.

You are paying a monthly fee to get access to:

  • Highly developed virtual classroom, providing the best learning experience.
  • Self-paced training that fits your learning style and personal schedule.
  • Contemporary educational content and resources.
  • Various practical exercises and projects.
  • Mentorship and support during your studies.
  • A diploma recognized by the industry.
  • Career support and coaching.

We recommend spending a least 6-12 hours per week on video lessons, live exercises, projects, and homework assignments.

The training is completely online.

Absolutely not. The programs are specifically designed as self-paced to fit into a busy schedule.

Yes, we offer career help.
At the end of the Professional Modules, we will carefully review your CV and your online profiles (like GitHub and LinkedIn) and give you advice on how to present your skills in the best way. We collaborate with many companies and the best students of each program will be recommended to our partners.

Yes, we recommend a machine with parameters similar to these:

– SSD >= 120GB
– Processor i3, i5, i7 (at least 5th generation)
– A mid-range GPU

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